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About Us

Thank you for visiting Paris Bijoux Myanmar. We’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves here.

We are a team of enthusiastic lady entrepreneurs who decide to convert our common experiences and our love for beautiful accessories into this store.

A serendipitous meetup led Stella and Wendi to venture into this entrepreneurial journey.

Coco Chanel famously declared, “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous”.

We believe a lady can never have too many accessories. Happiness is having a piece of classy jewellery and looking fabulous.

We know that you are a hardworking and discerning lady who appreciate the finer things in life. You reward yourself because you worked hard. You need a jewellery accessories that fit your lifestyle.

We love how a stylish fashion piece has a magical lift to enhance a woman’s poise and confidence.

We understand fashion trends come and go, yet some things remain constant. A good quality statement piece is always a good investment in our jewellery box.

We realise we have to find a high quality yet affordable jewellery brand with an extensive range that can fulfil your needs.

We found Paris Bijoux fine fashion jewellery collections  to be of high quality polish with European-inspired designs exuding timeless, luxurious elegance.

Paris Bijoux Brand of fashion products are well known not only for its contemporary, exquisite designs but also for its superb workmanship, quality and affordability.

Our jewellery is electroplated with 22K Gold or Rhodium and NICKEL FREE in accordance with international standards. Each pearl has been coated 7 times and carefully chosen for its luster, color and size. Hypoallergenic TITANIUM POSTS are used on all pierce earrings. We guarantee that all products sold under the brand name Paris Bijoux have been handset using only Swarovski Crystals from Austria. The Brand is authorized by Swarovski to use the Swarovski Components Logo” on our products.

Exquisite Collections

To keep up with the always evolving fashion industry trends, we work hard to provide new high profile collections regularly to you. Among those collections is an extensive style selections, ranges from trending fashion and intricate classics to modern contemporary. Not only do we keep up with trends, we also provide versatile go-to collections that offer style excellence when the other fads fade away. With so many options, which one will you choose to love?

Once again, thank you for stopping by our shop! We hope you enjoy our exquisite, top of the line collections as much as we do.

Our professional service team are delighted to assist you. Call us at +95-09-974-848835 if you need someone to talk to.


Lead and Nickel Free Promise

Some of us have sensitive skins, prone to ezcema and what nots. Fret not now as Paris Bijoux Myanmar pieces are all Allergy free.

Every piece of our jewellery has undergone testing to be labeled lead free and nickel free. This sophisticated process ensures that all of our products are hypoallergenic. Absolutely allergy free!